Uvex 1 X-Tended S3 SRC Work Boat

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General features
– very light, versatile S3 safety boot
– It is suitable for people allergic to chromium thanks to its production from synthetic materials.
– All base materials are free from silicone, plasticizers and other paint wetting agents
– More durable nose protection thanks to foamed polyurethane mascara
– suitable for orthopedic adaptations and uvex medicare insoles
– color: black, red
– number options: 35 to 52
Protection features
– Protection class S3 according to EN ISO 20345: 2011 and additional marking (SRC) indicating excellent slip resistance
– Meets ESD requirements with leakage resistance below 35 megaohms
– 100% metal free uvex xenova® toe cap; compact, anatomically shaped, non-heat conducting design and good lateral structural stability
– Ergonomically designed outsole made of dual density polyurethane with excellent slip resistance
– With its specially designed side support element, the middle and lateral heel support for the foot provides additional protection against ankle sprain, while balancing and guiding the foot at the same time protects it from impacts
– Puncture-resistant, non-metallic insole in compliance with the latest safety standards, does not restrict the flexibility of the shoe
Comfort features
– Superior user comfort thanks to newly developed mold and climate-optimized, breathable materials
– Almost seamless design made of high-tech micro velor material to eliminate pressure points
– Detachable, antistatic, comfortable insole with moisture transport system and shock absorption around the heel area and forefoot area
– soft cushion on collar and tongue


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