Voice Services


Corporate Advantage

Corporate Advantage Plus is a new corporate plan that offers you, as a Safaricom corporate customer, bundled Minutes, Internet and SMS at preferential rates. The bundles are tailored to provide you with additional value that matches your current spending patterns and requirements.

Zidisha Plus

Zidisha Plus is a prepaid service that provides affordable calling and internet rates targeted at small and medium sized businesses.

One Connect Business

This is a fixed voice business solution that allows your business to get a landline number (i.e. 020) for office use with over 30 dedicated voice channels

Corporate Connectivity – E1

This is suitable for organizations that receive or make high volume of cellular calls.

With E1, you get up to 30 voice channels. The service is delivered via fibre optic or microwave.


SIP is the use of voice over IP (VoIP). As a customer you get up to 64 dedicated voice channels. The voice service is delivered via Fibre Optic

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What are the Key Benefits

  • Business Continuity – no need to worry about airtime running out
  • Convenience – no need to spend time purchasing and loading credit
  • Cost Effective – competitive tariffs ensure great savings on voice call