Elektromed EC058 Electric Meter

Single phase | Post Paid |
  • 4 programmable tariff options
  • Tariffication possible for 8 different time period, including weekdays, Saturday and Sunday separately
  • Changing tariff time periods in accordance with the preferences of the Administrations.
  • Facility to monitor the tariff type
  • Demand information (monitoring the maximum power consumed in the system is expressed with “P”
    on LCD display
  • Separate monitoring of total consumed energy (T) and energy consumptions in tariffs (T1,T2,T3 and
    T4) in kWh type
  • Led, flashing once in every consumed 1 Wh (meter constant 1000 impulse/kWh)
  • Optical port allowing data exchange is convenient to IEC 62056-21 (former IEC 61107) standard
  • Accuracy level of convenience to IEC62052-11 Class 1and IEC 50470-1/3 for Class B
  • Monitoring of tariff information on LCD display with 8 digits, 5 digits for integer (kWh), 3 digits for
    decimal part (Wh)

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Technical Specification

Model A B C D
ECO58 101 158 55 40

eco58 sketch

Technical Specifications Parameters
Connection Type 1 phase 2 wire
Terminal Connection DIN / BS
Accuracy Class Class B (TS EN 50470-1/3) (± 3)
Application Voltage Range -20% .. +15% Un (Un = 230V)
Frequency 50Hz
Meter Constant 1000 imp / kWh
Base Current, Iref 5A, 10A
Maximum Current, Imax 60 A or ≥ 5 x Iref
Starting Current, Ist 20 mA
Display LCD 8 digit symbols
Optical Port Read/Write (TS EN 62056-21)
Weight 0.5 kg