DG – Multi-Jet Dry Type Water Meter

  • Multi-jet semi-dry type
  • 360° rotatable cover
  • Display on 5 drums m3 and 4 pointers for litres
  • Optional check valve
  • Measuring range up to R160
  • Optional pulse, M-bus Radio frequency output
  • Forged brass housing
  • Glycerin filled register unit
  • Water temperature up to 50°C

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Technical Specification

Nominal Diameter DN mm 20
Nominal flow Rate Q3 m3/h 2.5
Maximum Flow Rate Q4 m3/h 3.125
Minimum Flow Rate Q1 l/h 31.2/25/15.6
Transitional Flow Rate Q2 l/h 5o/40/25
Maximum Working Pressure Pmax bar 16
Pressure Loss P bar 0.63
Maximum Working Temperature Tmax 0C 50
Measuring Range Q3/Q1 R 80/100/160
Overall Length L mm 190
Maximum Register Indicator m3 99.999
Verification Scale Interval l 0.2
Width B mm 96
Total Heigth H mm 112
Height to pipe axis h mm 34
Connection thread of meter G11B
Nominal size mm 30
Pipping Dimensions G3/4B
Weight kg 1.210
Installation Position H