Internet and Data Solutions

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Fixed Data Solutions

We offer internet connectivity and data services.

  • Internet access on specific location
  • Network: Wimax / Fibre Optic/ Microwave
  • Dedicated Speeds
  • Unlimited Internet Access
  • Internet Connectivity Devices – Radio unit, Router
  • Inter-branch connectivity
  • Charges are based on Bandwidth, Internet speeds and rates
Typical Bandwidth Requirements/Guidelines

These requirements will vary from one customer to another based on their business needs and requirements.

  • Internet access – every 4 computers minimum 256Kbps
  • Inter-branch connectivity – minimum 128kbps
  • VPN to overseas office – minimum 512kbps
  • Video conferencing – minimum 512kbps
  • VoIP – 64kbps per voice channel
  • CCTV – 512kbps
  • Online applications (banking, ticketing, Enterprise applications ) – minimum 256kbps
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Why Choose Safaricom  Data?
  • Safaricom network signal is strong and well spread all across the country
  • Safaricom has introduced superfast 4G internet
  • Flexible charge plans